Jackson Hole 4 hr Wildlife Safari (Dawn or Dusk) Year-round

GoJH offers exceptional four-hour excursions focused on wildlife, mountain scenery, and historic landmarks in Grand Teton National Park. Let our experienced local guides show you the absolute best this place has to offer in only half a day. This is the best tour for visitors who are short on time or budget but want to see the most of Grand Teton National Park. Offered dawn or dusk, year round.

Trip Highlights:

  • Enjoy possible wildlife sightings of elk, moose, bison, bald eagles, pronghorn, grizzly and black bear, wolves and so much more
  • Witness the beautiful Grand Teton National Park Mountain range and landscape
  • Learn about the human and natural history, and geology that has shaped Grand Teton National Park
  • Tour will offer plenty of opportunities for picture taking

Elk, moose, mule deer, pronghorn, bison, bighorn sheep, grizzly and black bear, and wolves can all be seen within the park boundaries. Grand Teton National Park is also a spring and summer birders paradise that includes bald and golden eagles, sandhill cranes, osprey, hawks, and owls.  Species that can be viewed will change throughout the year due to different seasonal changes in Grand Teton National Park.

We make frequent stops to observe and photograph the various wildlife and landmark points of interest in Jackson Hole.

Bull elk spar over females in the Fall.

A mother black bear nursing her two cubs. Bear mothers keep their cubs for 2 years, teaching them everything they need to survive on their own in the wild.

Grizzly bear #793, aka Blondie, with her two cubs seen June 2017

A maternal herd of elk in early spring gather in great numbers and collectively protect the first year calves from predators such as grizzly bears and wolves.

Grand Teton National Park is one of the few places in the world where you can see the North American Bison living free in the wild.

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