“Everything about this tour was excellent. The accommodation was of a high standard, we traveled in comfort, and the guide was brilliant. We are so glad we took this tour. Our guide, Trevor was from the region and has expertise in so many areas. He knew all the best places for us to encounter wildlife, and the most spectacular scenic points He was an absolute fountain of interesting information and had a great sense of humor.” -Beverley, USA

“Our family went on the Yellowstone 12 hour day trip. We had a variety of ages and we were all entertained throughout the day. Trevor was our guide and he was awesome! He was extremely knowledgeable, funny and just fit in with our family very well. Would definitely recommend him. It was an amazing day, with a lot of wonderful memories!!” – Mark, USA

“Our family recently took the 4 hour private Grand Tetons tour and thoroughly enjoyed it! Our guide, Trevor, really enhanced our entire experience. He is so pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and his keen/trained eye spotted even more wildlife than expected. We highly recommend this tour company and ask for Trevor! “
-Sincerely, Vicki, Scott, Uncle Bob, Aunt Doreen and Rick  

“This tour was one of the highlights of our trip. Our guide was Trevor and he was terrific. My family and I did the private 8 hour tour of the Grand Tetons. Trevor was able to answer every question we could think of. He is extremely well educated, and growing up in Jackson, he truly understands the area.

Although wildlife viewing is not guaranteed, we were lucky and saw a moose and her calf, elk (far away and within feet of our car), bison, antelope, and a grizzly bear with her two cubs.

I do not believe our experience in the Tetons would have been the same without Trevor. HIGHLY suggest you book this tour!” – Julie, Birmingham Alabama

“Just spent two days exploring Yellowstone with outstanding guide, Trevor Bloom. We focused on wildlife viewing in Hayden and Lamar Valley. Trevor does not disappoint! He draws on a personal network of contacts to stay current on wildlife activity in the park, scouts and verifies locations and takes guests to the right areas at the right times…a lot of deep knowledge and hard work on display- (and throw in a little bit of good luck from his lucky T-shirt) and voila- animal encounters unfold…

We saw 1 cinnamon bear, 2 grizzlies, 4 wolves, osprey, bald eagle, many elk, antelope, deer and buffalo/bison. Loved learning about the many geological features, history of the park and the wildflowers (one of Trevor’s specialties). We loved learning from his scientific background, enjoyed his great stories and jokes and appreciated his excellent smooth driving.

Our strenuous hike on the Petrified Forest Trail was a peak experience thanks to Trevor’s outstanding knowledge, fitness and experience guiding wilderness outings.

Thank you Trevor. A trip of a lifetime and memories to treasure!” –Jennifer, Atlanta Georgia

“Trevor was an absolutely awesome guide for our day in Yellowstone! As a local, he brought such a unique perspective and his background as a botanist taught us so much! He is passionate about the environment and it was such a fun day learning from him and seeing all of the incredible sights of Yellowstone. He knows where all the good spots are so we saw bears, Buffalo and so much more! Also he has jokes for days. Highly recommend Trevor” – -KMCH, Kansas City Missouri

“Boy, were we glad we picked this company! Our guide Trevor was knowledgeable and responsive to the zillion questions we asked. As soon as he realized we already knew a lot of the basics about ecology, he upped the level of the conversation, and took it to an entirely new level of knowledge. It was fantastic.

Trevor responded to our needs by providing the kind of commentary that we wanted. I’ve done safaris in many countries, with all kinds of guides; but I’ve never had this kind of high quality almost academic-level input. I really appreciated learning about the ecology of the whole Grand Tetons / Yellowstone area. Not just the large mammals; but the small plants, grasses, trees, rivers, mountains…the whole eco-system. Trevor brought it all alive for us, the inter-dependencies and the complex linkages. We are very thankful that we met him and got to spend time with him.

We had a fantastic 15-minute encounter with an adult bull moose, which I will always treasure. We saw lots of other birds and big animals too, because Trevor knew where to go. But as a regular visitor of wildlife parks, for me it’s less about “sightings”, and more about about falling in love with the land and its moods. Trever helped us do that. We fell in love with the Grand Tetons. Yhank you Trevor for making that magic happen. – Deepa Krishnan, Mumbai India

“We met our guide, Trevor at the designated pick up spot. I remember reading reviews about how great Trevor was so I was thrilled that he was going to be taken us around.  We saw a Moose, many Elk and  Bison! Our goal of the tour was to see a bear and just as our tour was wrapping up, Trevor spotted not 1 but 2!! He had a awesome spotting scope so we could get a real close look at all the animals and he was able to take pictures with my phone through the scope!! Tour was worth every penny and we are already planning our  next trip back! Great tour!!” –-Melissa B. Akron NY

“This is worth every penny.

Trevor picked us up at the clock tower at 5pm – and we saw wild bison 20 mins later. By the end of the trip we’d watched a fox hunting ground squirrels not 20 yards away from the jeep, seen numerous antelope, two bears, a giant bull elk, herds of cow elks, a mule deer, and a cow moose and her calf.

Trevor is a botanist by training, so not only was an expert reference on the flora and fauna, but also knew tons about the history and geology of the area. What a fantastic tour guide!

They supply binoculars, water, snacks (chips, crackers, etc), and blankets.

The kids were absolutely enthralled – the highlight of the road trip so far.” – –Swimfins, San Salvador, El Salvador

“Our family started the day off at our hotel. We had seven people from ages 10 to 53, so we were curious to see how our guide would handle the age differences. Trevor, our Yellowstone guide, came to our lodge to pick us up. He was extremely genuine, friendly, and most of all, knowledgeable. He made a conscious effort to get to know us. The drive up to Yellowstone was filled with stops for wildlife observing (thanks to his knowledge of where the animals hang out), fun conversation and delicious muffins he provided. Every one of my seven family members were given binoculars during the tour to view wildlife from afar. We saw elk, moose, mule deer, white tailed deer, a black bear, a grizzly bear and a ton of buffalo. Trevor was a fountain of information (and dad jokes) that kept us all captivated for the 12 hour day. We saw many of the “must sees” that Yellowstone has to offer, but were also exposed to some of the hidden gems that Trevor knew about from his extensive experience. The day was finished with a big group hug and a family photograph that Trevor took part in. This will be a memory our family shares for the rest of our lives. Thank you Trevor for giving us such an amazing experience!!!” – Alec P, USA

“My partner and I had a private four hour evening tour in Grand Teton National Park. It was well worth the extra cost to be able to tailor the tour to our interests. Trevor, our guide, was excellent and very accommodating. He is from the area and was a wealth of knowledge. Having had a shoulder replacement two months prior to our visit, my goal was to get the best photos I could with one arm. Trevor made achieving my goal easy and even helped me set up my tripod when needed. He took us to some back roads where we were surrounded by pronghorn, bison and elk. We also saw two grizzly bears and I got a great shot of two birds mating.” – Clinton K, USA