The Queen is Back

June 13, 2020 Grizzly #399 (aka The Queen) is one of the oldest and most famous bears in the world! In Spring 2020, at 24 years of age she emerged from hibernation [...]

For Everything There Was a Season

December 18, 2018

By Trevor Bloom Beyond leading trips for Guides of Jackson Hole, I am fortunate to work as a research scientist for the Nature Conservancy in Wyoming. For our research, we [...]

Wildflower Watch

December 15, 2018

Grizzly bears depend on the timing of plants for food throughout the year. The timing of when plants flower and fruit is critical to the survival of many animals, from [...]

Winter is Coming

November 26, 2018

Winter is almost upon us in Jackson Hole and Guides of Jackson Hole is gearing up for what should be an epic season of snowy park tours, skiing powder and [...]

November in Jackson Hole

November 19, 2018

Here is Jackson, there are two times of the year that herald a calm in the valley rarely experienced by the outside world. November maintains a stark contrast from the [...]