Yellowstone Highlights Tour – Lower Loop

Did you know Yellowstone is one of the world’s largest super volcanoes? Guides of Jackson Hole Lower Loop Tour is a fantastic way to observe wildlife as well as take in Yellowstone’s numerous geyser basins and volcanic landscape. Our day will begin by passing through Grand Teton National Park, taking time to stop and observe wildlife and scenery along the way. We will continue on to Yellowstone National Park, making stops at Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone Lake, the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, as well as several other geyser basins. Yellowstone National Park’s rich history, geology, wildfires and wildlife will be discussed in detail throughout the tour. Wildlife that is often observed on this tour are bison, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, moose, elk, eagles, mule deer, pronghorn, and coyotes.   We will have offer many stops throughout the tour for guests to get out of the vehicle and observe the different wildlife viewing opportunities with the binoculars and scope that we provide, and to walk the various boardwalks we stop at. The total length of this tour is approximately 12 hours.

  • Enjoy possible wildlife sightings of grizzly and black bear, wolves, elk, moose, bison, bald eagles, and so much more
  • See the beautiful Grand Teton National Park Mountain range in the morning light
  • Walk the boardwalks at hydrothermal features such as Old Faithful Geyser, Fountain Paint-Pots and Mud-Pots, West Thumb
  • View Hayden Valley, the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone Lake, and the Old Faithful Inn
  • This is the best tour for visitors who are short on time but want to see the most of Yellowstone National Park that they can in one day
  • Tour will offer plenty of opportunities for easy walking and picture taking!

Old Faithful may be the most famous geyser in the entire world, and it does live up to its fame. Eruptions occur approximately every 88 minutes and can reach heights of over 160 feet.

At 308 feet tall, the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River is the tallest in the park and an incredible sight to see. We explore this awesome place, along with many other breathtaking vistas on our all-day and multi-day Yellowstone tours. (c) Trevor Bloom

Moose are common in Grand Teton National Park, yet very rare in Yellowstone. This is largely due to the massive 1988 wildfire that burned over 30% of the park in just one summer. On our tours we not only find the best wildlife watching opportunities, we also explain the natural history of the region tying in ecology, geology, human history and more.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the only places on earth where you can see grizzly bears – and is certainly the only place accessible on earth where you have the opportunity to see grizzly bears in front of thermal features like this mudpot near Mud Volcano.



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