The Darwin Ranch – The Darwin Ranch is one of the oldest “dude ranches” in all of Wyoming – it was a purchased by Theodore Roosevelt and gifted to one of his most trusted Rough-Riders. GoJH has an exclusive partnership with the Darwin Ranch and offers spectacular hiking, back-packing, and “glamping” excursions in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, offered by no one else. Take the whole family on a trip of a lifetime to the Upper Falls Camp where all you have to do is hike in, we provide the tents, fresh linens luxurious farm-to-table food, and stories. The fishing and hiking from this beautiful remote location is some of the best the region has to offer. You will remember this experience for years to come. Email for more information on this exclusive offer

Hiking is fun for the whole family, and nothing is more rewarding then spending a night under the stars after a nice long day – enjoying fresh farm to table foods prepared by the Darwin Ranch and sleeping in fresh linens with the roar of the Upper Falls of the Gros Ventre in the background. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The Certior Group – Certior and GoJH partner to offer truly custom outdoor experiences for unique families with clear learning objectives such as leadership, gratitude, and empowerment based on principles of True Wealth. Through a process that identifies your True Wealth principles, we help to co-create a structure for all of your assets to be optimized.

Trevor Bloom and Matt Kneipp on top of the Grand Teton (13,776ft) – a scene from the documentary Climb-It Change – a story which follows Matt and Trevor across the entire Rocky Mountain Chain where the duo collect scientific data illuminating the effect of climate change on the mountain west.

Climb-It Change – A documentary film written by Trevor Bloom and AJ Winslow of Rocket Soul Productions. See the trailer here. This is a story of science, adventure, friendship, and an ever changing world.