Good news- Yellowstone is Open – in wake of natural disaster

As many of you know, Yellowstone National Park was struck by an intense natural disaster this past Sunday and Monday last week (June 12-13, 2022). Severe flooding has damaged roads, employee housing, and additional infrastructure primarily on the north end of the park. This has led to closures of all of Yellowstone for the past few days, and the Northern Range of Yellowstone may not open this year at all. Our thoughts are with the brave NPS folks working to fix this dramatic situation, and to all the people who lost their homes and livelihoods.

The good news is that Yellowstone will re-open the southern loop (or the Lower Loop) on June 21 or 22. We will be able to resume our tours at that time. Yellowstone will enact a reservation system for the general public to limit the number of visitors at one time in an effort to reduce impact on the park. Guides of Jackson Hole, and other tour operators will be able to enter Yellowstone with clients without a reservation. The means you can still go to Yellowstone with us any day this summer! This includes the Yellowstone Highlights Tour, Yellowstone Active, and Yellowstone Multi-Day Adventures!

Please consider taking a trip with us this summer. And thank you all for the warm wishes.