Trevor Bloom

Trevor is one of the few who was lucky enough to grow up in Jackson, Wyoming. He has a Masters of Science in Biology and is an active research biologist specializing in the Rocky Mountain ecosystem, but has worked in and traveled to 30 countries including most recently – Kenya to study elephants and acacia trees.  

Trevor is a real people person! He is a great educator, entertainer, and has a suite of horrible guide jokes! Trevor has worked as a guide in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for nearly a decade and is an expert in finding rare wildlife and interpreting the incredible landscape of the region.  

Fun fact, in 2011 Trevor discovered two new species of blind spiders deep inside an uncharted cave in the Caribbean while working for the Smithsonian.

“Trevor Bloom takes notes on a break from his routine hike to survey wildflowers in late June on Blacktail Butte. Bloom observes the different stages of the plants’ life cycle and compares it to the Craighead research started decades earlier. See article on page 25A and find out how you can help.” (Jackson Hole News and Guide July 11, 2018)

Trevor Bloom and Matt Kneipp on top of the Grand Teton (13,776ft) – a scene from the documentary Climb-It Change – a story which follows Matt and Trevor across the entire Rocky Mountain Chain where the duo collect scientific data illuminating the effect of climate change on the mountain west.